Khaos Research Group

The Khaos research group of the University of Malaga focuses its research activity on the management, integration and analysis of data and Big Data. It works at the intersection of technologies related to large-scale data management and integration, W3C data standards, data analytics technologies, optimization with meta-heuristics and for Big Data analysis. It emphasizes the application of research results to real problems, especially in health and agrifood. Within the previous context, the current research proposal focuses on the exploitation of domain semantics in the algorithms and workflows of Big Data analysis.

Lucentia Research Group

The Lucentia Research Group, headed by Juan C. Trujillo, focusses its main research on application and business solutions and more specifically on Business Intelligence solutions (BI). The Lucentia Group can be considered as both a national and international reference in business intelligence applications which is clearly demonstrated by the high number of publications in journals indexed JCR of high impact and CORE A conferences, design tools, relationships with various research groups and participation in various public and private projects.

GSyA Research Group

The main objective of the GSYA group is to research on different aspects related to the security and auditing of information systems, contributing to the improvement of teaching in Computer Engineering and providing solutions to the sector’s industry.

The GSYA group is formed by professors of the Department of Information Technologies and Systems of the University of Castilla-La Mancha and is based at the Escuela Superior de Informática de Ciudad Real, where it has an R&D Laboratory.

Alarcos Research Group

The main objective of the Alarcos Group is to carry out research into different aspects related to the quality and sustainability of information systems.

IDEA Research Group

Research Group composed by staff of the the Department Computer Languages and Systems of the University of Sevilla.

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